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Team India Interview - Dampy Brar

Mr. Dampy Brar from Team India is one of the finest players the sport has seen and he sat down for an interview in preparation for the 2013 World Ball Hockey Championships:

1) Who is the staff comprised of? GM, HC, AC, RMT, Equipment, DR?
We have a four person panel consisting of Sim Gosal, Smiter Kaila, Ranbir Singh and myself.  Gosal and Singh are the coaches and Kaila and myself are the co-captains.

2) Has your team been selected? if not, what is the process/criteria being used for the selection of players
The team is in the final phase of the selection process.  This will be the first time Team India is selected without a camp.  However, we use the provincials, nationals and the various Indo Cup as scouting opportunities to evaluate players.  The criteria to play for Team India is to meet the guidelines set forth by the governing body.  This may include: heritage, citizenship, etc of India.

3) If your nation has named the team, who are some of your key players?
The key players include 2009 world all stars Smiter Kaila, Harp Kalkat, Rav Hundal and in addition will include Sharny Kaila, Dampy Brar, JK Gill, Par Sidhu and Turab Bokhari.  However, to win gold we recognize we will need every player to make a significant contribution...including unsung heros who do all the little things it takes to win.

4) What style of play will your team execute?
We play a controlled game with emphasis on team play through all 3 zones.  We will work hard and use a combination of skill, speed, size and effort to make ourselves difficult to beat.

5) What are your teams expectations?
We expect to win a medal.  We understand the line between winning and losing is marginal but feel if we play at the top of our game then gold is within reach.

6) How many training sessions/exhibition games will the club compete in before the WC’s?
We will organize the team together 2 days before the tournament for multiple practice sessions.  similar to what we did in 2009.  The challenge is we have players from all over which makes it difficult to gather the entire team in advance of the championships.

7) What have been your greatest challenges to date? ie. sponsorship
Some of our other challenges include gathering the team for camp or practice sessions due to proximity.  Also, reviving support after the roller coaster of 2009 when we won the silver medal and then were not able to participate in the next championships.

We are looking forward to reigniting the passion where we left off.

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