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Interview of Slovak's Best Young Star Player - Marek Kanich

What do you think will be the level of WC in Toronto, in the cradle of world hockey?
“I think in Toronto WC I will be very well occupied, in addition to the traditional top teams: Canada, Slovakia, and Portugal, I look forward to playing India in the hopes of facing the Kaila brothers, who are always among the best at WC. We also should not forget the other countries especially the U.S. which in recent years has made progress in Ball Hockey. I think a lot of players for Toronto will be at the top of their career, not to mention a huge motivation to play the World Cup in the cradle of this sport.”

What experiences do you have in WC?
I played in three World Championships. Once as a junior where we won at home the title of world champions, and senior twice in the Czech Republic and Bratislava, in both cases we have won bronze medals.”

What are your greatest achievements at club level?
“As to the club levels there are four Slovak Championships, twice in U20 where I represented Bratislava and two senior with Rbk Ruzinov and LG Bratislava.”

Who will win the World Championship?
“I hate guessing. Of course, I believe us, but Canada is very strong, and too the Czech Republic so it will definitely be somebody from this powerful trio.

Have you ever played in Canada?
“No, not in Canada, I've never played. I am very much looking forward to it.”

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