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Interview Of Roman Cacko, Top Referee In Slovakia

What was your reaction to being nominated for the WBHF World Championship in Toronto?
“I was pleasantly surprised. I said that's not a problem. I am very happy.”

Are you looking forward to working with WBHF Referee-in-Chief Ken St. Amant?
“With Ken, I had no problems. He's a super guy and his work is meaningful.

What are your goals for WC 2013?
“I have to judge my work at the WC. I'd like to whistle the Final or even some kind of medal match. I always go with these objectives.”

How many WC have you already whistled?
“As a referee, who represented Slovakia, eight.”

Who do you think is the best referee in the world?
“The best are all the referees who participate in WC. Otherwise, they would not be there. It is hard to say but everyone at WC is among the best.

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