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An interview with Jaroslav Melíšek one of the founders of WBHF

In recent days, came an awareness of the activity of a newly created World Ball Hockey Federation. A lot of questions hang in the air and that is why we contacted one of its founders.

The name Jaroslav Melíšek again swirls in the surface waters of the ball hockey. Former President of the Slovak Union Street & Ball Hockey not too happy with his office, resigned this post. After a few weeks, his name is heard everywhere again. He was in fact ending his time with the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation similarly as was its long-time president Domenico Di Gironimo, which later brought the birth of the new. This of course caused great resentment among ISBHF. However, we particularly interested in answers to questions about the organization of the World Cup in Toronto and Bratislava.

Recently causing a stir was the development of another World Federation, the WBHF. Why was it created?
"Turmoil? I think that only exists in the ISBHF, it really doesn't impact current ball hockey players. Quite the contrary, there will be more opportunities for competition at an international level. WBHF formed in the summer at Niagara Falls, Canada. It was a consequence of the USA not being satisfied with the ISBHF and its recent work, especially at the World Junior Championship, while in Canada there was a separation of the Ontario Ball Hockey Association, the strongest organization in the world, away from the Canadian Association, and my general dissatisfaction with the pace of development of the sport."

What is your response to the emergence of the ISBHF prohibition?
"It doesn’t matter that they have marked us as persona non grata and banned us go to ISBHF ball hockey events. I don’t think this is even worth commenting on. For me this announcement just provoked me to be even more active and do everything possible for the WBHF to become the world leader in the sport within three years. "

What is your relationship now with the Slovak Union hockey ball?
"Excellent (smile)!. SHbÚ body limits Slovak hockey and always will."

How do you feel about ISBHF banned you to participate in any events organized ISBHF?
"It's an honor. This step shows that we are winning the battle. Positive I see it. From Martin, Zilina Nitra, I have already been called (smile), and they share a curiosity of the ISBHF. I think ISBHF lost face and cast itself now as an unreliable and of little integrity on the world stage."

Are you not afraid that a similar step will be taken by the SHBÚ? Your "activity" in WBHF probably does not thrill them.
"No, I do not care. If it did, it would embarrass them even more than they already are. Conversations I have many friends from hockey ball, most members condemn their actions and find the ISBHF laughable. They cannot ban anyone from anything because they do not give anything to anyone. "

WBHF organizes World Ball Hockey in Toronto at the same time as ISBHF in St. Johns. It was the intention?
"No, it is the traditional time, and of no concern to us. For me, the ISBHF organization is dead. We'll go our own way and do not need someone to confront. We have a vision and goals and we focus on managing them. We are introducing a new World Championship for 3 +1 and change some of the rules, which are very necessary. We have also cancelled all annual fees for the National Federations because there is only a tremendous waste of money in the other organization, which we intend to avoid. "

Website WBHF states that the World Cup will participate with many countries, even India and Italy who were missing at the World Championships in Bratislava. Is it really true?
"I can confirm that the two countries are strong and will be in Toronto. In addition we expect new countries: Croatia, China, Korea, Japan and Serbia."

Many people have been asking about what choices as if they are not all just sort of B-choices?
"It's not. The very best will be in Toronto. Slovakia will be in Toronto also with a very strong team."

How then will work on the above-mentioned selection for Team Slovakia After all, it must still require some resources, focus, coach ... And it does not finance itself.
"Everything is prepared for the 30-member Slovak choice. Organizer also caters to us in terms of accommodation. Givova company even provides for all selections jerseys free. But there's more."

Who actually chooses Team Slovakia "an umbrella"? The Union will still have their choice in the St. John's.
"This is a moment in the solutions we are discussing. This question will therefore answer later."

Do you already have an idea of who will represent Slovakia in Toronto?
"He'll lead a professional coach and they will be choosing a very strong team."

WBHF also organizes the World Cup in a "small" Ball Hockey, ie 3 +1 system. Where was this idea born?
"Street Hockey 3 +1 has a great tradition in many countries, both played. Therefore also the way you say" small "deserves its hockey world championship. ISBHF this system has so far refused, we therefore decided to organize a World Cup debut in Bratislava with a tournament of 16 teams will participate in the senior category and 8 in the Masters category. Teams will come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, China, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Canada, United States, India, Pakistan, Portugal and others, even Mexico. "

Is there so much interest in this type of WC?
"Of course, the cost will be reduced compared to conventional WC by about 70percent. Indeed, the tournament will be just nine or ten players per team, which are the three cars for travel, for European countries."

After quitting as the president SHBÚ have declared that you have quit Ball Hockey, what convinced you to return?
"I convinced Domenic DiGironimo and Chris Housser that Street & Ball Hockey needs guarantee of quality work. Adding Dampy Brar from India inspired me. The WBHF had recent success introducing the teaching of ball hockey at high schools in the Chinese city of Tianjin that has 15 million people. This is our first such success. I trust that others will come.

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