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Interview With Slovak Women's Coach Marián Ferčák

How will you select your team for the World Championships in Toronto?
“Representation will be made up of the best female players which we cannot yet specify because the team has yet to be created. We have raised most of the funding required for the travel and now must select the team. We will search for players with heart to ensure success. We could add some young players but promising success depends on their hearts being tuned and fighting for success.”

How will they train?
“Preparation will be just before the World Cup, after consultation with our implementation team and their recommendations, we will decide on the length and details. I would like to add Meliska Alina to our staff. I believe that you should not impose so much on women players. It is more important to focus on power-play and rehearse break-out variations.”

What are your goals for the World Cup?
“No coach is on the World Cup team that does not strive for success, therefore I believe only in setting the top target as our goals. Each medal is a success but the defense of the Gold would be great and I believe that with our implementation team we will succeed.”

Who do you favour to win the title?
“Which coach would not believe in their own team, but Canada will be very strong at home. I hope our great Slovak hearts will favour Slovakia.”

Have you been to Canada before?
“I have not personally been in this wonderful country because of the salary in Eastern Slovakia we cannot afford, so it will be a great honor to be a member of the expedition which participates in the World Championships in Canada and to be a member of a successful team.”

Slovakia is the women’s world champion, what does it means to you?
“It's a huge challenge for me as a coach to repeat this success but we have to go from match to match and gradually reach the top where the title is the prize.”

What do you know about your opponents in WC?
“We cannot underestimate any opponent since at the World Cup everyone wants to achieve success and especially to defeat the reigning champion but I believe that the implementation team, along with their recommendations, the girls will do anything for ultimate success. It will be uncomfortable against the U.S. and the Canadians at home but I believe we can do it.”

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