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WJC 2014 Budapest, Hungary

  • Published in World News
  • Monday, 26 May 2014 20:38

The top players representing Canada, India and USA will travel to the beautiful host city of Budapest to challenge athletes from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia at the U20 and U18 WJC June 26-29.

The schedule will be released shortly before the tournament as confirmations are awaited from other European nations.

More news to follow.


Team Slovakia Announces Camp

  • Published in World News
  • Tuesday, 18 December 2012 22:15

The beautiful historic venue of Mojmirovce castle in Nitra ( will be home to the players nominated to attend camp, which will be held from 1.18-1.20 2013. The three day event will feature intense training and in class strategizing, followed daily by leisure time in the pool and sauna.

The invited players include the top stars in Slovakia including:

Marek Kanich, Vladimír Kalis, Marián Mikulčík, Jozef Minárik, Branislav Thron, Róbert Kašša, Milan Ladiver /ospravedlnil sa z dôvodu pracovnej vyťaženosti/, Milan Beniač, Lukáš Lajčiak, Dušan Danko, Ján Rímsky, Michal Hrivnák, Libor Teplický, Martin Haring, Filip Titka, Ivan Káčer, Marían Kučerka, Michal Ecker, Erik Lvomský, Matúš Lipták, Michal Ľupták, Ondrej Hraško, Filip Cajchan

The impressive group looks to return the World Championship title to Slovakia by competing in the WBHF Men’s World Championship in Toronto, Canada, June 2013. Included in this collection of national all-stars is Branilsav (Riko) Thron, recently named the #1 player in Slovakia.

Fresh off his victory in the poll, we bring you an abridged version of this interview.
What was the deciding factor for your lead in the poll? "I do not have any information on how the vote actually took place. Certainly me, however the overall victory, I believe it was because the successful past season with the LG, where I became a champion of Slovakia and European Cup runner-up clubs, and some good results in Nitre. '

If you had a vote, who would you choose and why? "Slovakia has a lot of great players and it might be difficult to choose between them, but if I have to choose one, it would have been Jožko Minárik from LG TPS BA. I think this is probably the best defender in Slovakia and not only for sports but also character traits, but as I mentioned, we have a lot of good players. "
For many years you were an icon at Doprastav Bratislava. Before the season, you transferred to the rookie club of Nitra, which was for many a big shock. Why this change? "Yes, those years spent in Doprastav I will never forget, but sometimes life has change, and I got a good offer from Nitra. I decided to accept it and now I do not regret it at all because they are a good team and I met a number of great players and not only the most experienced, but also those who I have not seen play before. "
Finally, something of privacy, what is the difference between Branislav Thron ten years ago and today? "First of all, I have about ten years more (smile). Sure I am not so volatile and turbulent as it once before, but it's really about age. Especially since I now need more time for recovery, but I am still basically the same. There is also my taste for the sport and to win, and probably the most essential difference from ten years ago is that I no longer use hair gel (smile). "
Your jersey has always been adorned with number 18. What does this number mean to you? "It is true that I am eighteen basically from scratch. Yet when we played as juniors in L. Guerera league, I wore 21, when we changed the" old "jerseys I inherited number 18 when Vlad Franta went to seniors. When I then went to the seniors, it was free. Henceforth I wear it now and I quite like it. "
Recently, the family has been enriched by one member, daughter Tami. No plans in the near future for her to be a successor Hokejbalový Thronovcov clan? "Truly, the time is running fast and Taminka is already three years. I'm happy here. It seems she has a really decent stick technique already. Currently there is no plan for her to follow, but we'll see. Time will tell.“


Interview of Slovak's Best Young Star Player - Marek Kanich

  • Published in World News
  • Tuesday, 18 December 2012 21:55

What do you think will be the level of WC in Toronto, in the cradle of world hockey?
“I think in Toronto WC I will be very well occupied, in addition to the traditional top teams: Canada, Slovakia, and Portugal, I look forward to playing India in the hopes of facing the Kaila brothers, who are always among the best at WC. We also should not forget the other countries especially the U.S. which in recent years has made progress in Ball Hockey. I think a lot of players for Toronto will be at the top of their career, not to mention a huge motivation to play the World Cup in the cradle of this sport.”

What experiences do you have in WC?
I played in three World Championships. Once as a junior where we won at home the title of world champions, and senior twice in the Czech Republic and Bratislava, in both cases we have won bronze medals.”

What are your greatest achievements at club level?
“As to the club levels there are four Slovak Championships, twice in U20 where I represented Bratislava and two senior with Rbk Ruzinov and LG Bratislava.”

Who will win the World Championship?
“I hate guessing. Of course, I believe us, but Canada is very strong, and too the Czech Republic so it will definitely be somebody from this powerful trio.

Have you ever played in Canada?
“No, not in Canada, I've never played. I am very much looking forward to it.”


Interview Of Roman Cacko, Top Referee In Slovakia

  • Published in World News
  • Monday, 17 December 2012 11:34

What was your reaction to being nominated for the WBHF World Championship in Toronto?
“I was pleasantly surprised. I said that's not a problem. I am very happy.”

Are you looking forward to working with WBHF Referee-in-Chief Ken St. Amant?
“With Ken, I had no problems. He's a super guy and his work is meaningful.

What are your goals for WC 2013?
“I have to judge my work at the WC. I'd like to whistle the Final or even some kind of medal match. I always go with these objectives.”

How many WC have you already whistled?
“As a referee, who represented Slovakia, eight.”

Who do you think is the best referee in the world?
“The best are all the referees who participate in WC. Otherwise, they would not be there. It is hard to say but everyone at WC is among the best.


Interview With Slovak Women's Coach Marián Ferčák

  • Published in World News
  • Monday, 17 December 2012 11:40

How will you select your team for the World Championships in Toronto?
“Representation will be made up of the best female players which we cannot yet specify because the team has yet to be created. We have raised most of the funding required for the travel and now must select the team. We will search for players with heart to ensure success. We could add some young players but promising success depends on their hearts being tuned and fighting for success.”

How will they train?
“Preparation will be just before the World Cup, after consultation with our implementation team and their recommendations, we will decide on the length and details. I would like to add Meliska Alina to our staff. I believe that you should not impose so much on women players. It is more important to focus on power-play and rehearse break-out variations.”

What are your goals for the World Cup?
“No coach is on the World Cup team that does not strive for success, therefore I believe only in setting the top target as our goals. Each medal is a success but the defense of the Gold would be great and I believe that with our implementation team we will succeed.”

Who do you favour to win the title?
“Which coach would not believe in their own team, but Canada will be very strong at home. I hope our great Slovak hearts will favour Slovakia.”

Have you been to Canada before?
“I have not personally been in this wonderful country because of the salary in Eastern Slovakia we cannot afford, so it will be a great honor to be a member of the expedition which participates in the World Championships in Canada and to be a member of a successful team.”

Slovakia is the women’s world champion, what does it means to you?
“It's a huge challenge for me as a coach to repeat this success but we have to go from match to match and gradually reach the top where the title is the prize.”

What do you know about your opponents in WC?
“We cannot underestimate any opponent since at the World Cup everyone wants to achieve success and especially to defeat the reigning champion but I believe that the implementation team, along with their recommendations, the girls will do anything for ultimate success. It will be uncomfortable against the U.S. and the Canadians at home but I believe we can do it.”


Two Legends to Lead Slovakia to the World's

  • Published in World News
  • Tuesday, 09 October 2012 20:07

Slovak ball hockey legends Robert Kassa and Branislav Thron sign on as leaders of Team Slovakia for the 2013 WBHF World Championships in Toronto, Canada.  Team preparations are well under way.  WBHF Vice-President Jaroslav Melisek expects the Slovaks to field one of their strongest sides ever for the historic event in Toronto.


The World Ball Hockey Federation

  • Published in World News
  • Tuesday, 14 August 2012 20:32

The World Ball Hockey Federation has been recently founded in July, 2012. Its primary objectives are to promote the sport of ball hockey, also known as street hockey and dekhockey, and to foster its development on a global level in the various formats it is played in. Its focus will be more on the celebration of the sport through increased participation, with less regard to the politics of sport that sometimes hinders the values the WBHF holds dear: fairness, integrity and sportsmanship.

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