World Ball Hockey Federation

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AUGUST 17, 12

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  • Published on Friday, 17 August 2012 17:01
  • Written by Domenic Di Gironimo
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The world of ball hockey, street hockey, dekhockey is ever evolving.  I am very excited to be part of a new global initiative that has been launched as the World Ball Hockey Federation.  We used the term "ball hockey" in our name because it more accurately describes the many forms of the sport, the commonality throughout is the we use a ball, play with hockey sticks and a variation of hockey rules.

Everyone involved, far beyond just those listed as current Board members, are united in the pursuit of growing the sport.  Our vast network of experienced sport and event organizers provide expert development guidance, valuable resource materials at no cost and important contacts for suppliers, manufacturers and much more.  These services will expand as our website construction is completed.

We plan an extensive list of tournaments around the world, celebrating each format commonly played.  The WBHF recognizes that the sport has many forms and should be contested as each region requires, with integrity and fair competition at the forefront.

Check us out regularly.  The changes will be fast.  The news exciting.  The opportunities to enjoy the sport will be many.

Keep playing!



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